Solutions for every Application


Sensor Fusion Framework

The customer-configurable ANavS® sensor fusion framework – with tight coupling of sensor data – is predestined for mass-market applications where cost efficiency plays a major role.

ANavS Multi-GNSS Icon

Multi-GNSS, Multi Frequency RTK

  • Up to 3 multi-GNSS, multi-frequency RTK receivers
  • Precise absolute positioning:
    horizontal accuracy: sigma = 0.015 m
    vertical accuracy: sigma = 0.030 m
  • Precise absolute attitude (heading, pitch, roll):
    sigma = 0.25° for 1 m distance between the GNSS antennas
ANavS Computer Vision Icon

Inertial Sensor

  • 3D-Gyroscope, 3D-Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, Thermometer
  • High data-rate (up to 140Hz)
  • Electively Consumer-Grade or industrial-Grade IMU
  • On request, integration of customer used IMU
ANavS Vehicle Data Icon

Vehicle Data

  • Using Odometry / Steering / Lane-Detection information
  • Timestamps for customer’s vehicle-data by the ANavS® framework
  • Supported Interfaces: CAN, Ethernet, UART
ANavS Multi-Sensor Icon
ANavS Computer Vision Icon

Computer Vision

  • Using Monocular- (Low-Cost) or Stereo-Cameras (expensive)
  • Visual-Inertial Odometry
  • Online/Offline Map-Building and Localization
  • On request, integration of customer used Camera
ANavS Local Positioning System Icon

Local Positioning System

  • For partially Indoor-Navigation or extremely poor GNSS-visibility
  • Especially for Robotic Solutions
  • On request, integration of customer used LPS
ANavS Lidar Icon


  • Electively 2D- or 3D- Lidar equipment (low/high hardware cost)
  • Velocity information for better performance in regions with GNSS-outages
  • Online/Offline Map-Building and Localization
  • On request, integration of customer used Lidar-System

Depending on your specific application, the ANavS® framework delivers the right result according to your requirements. We will gladly advise you which sensors are best suited for your accuracy requirements and price expectations.

Our sensor fusion framework is specifically designed to provide a custom solution without high development costs. Our development team includes experts in all areas of sensor technology. We offer a support from the planning phase through to integration.