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The Munich-based company ANavS was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The team has now grown to 40 engineers and is divided into three business units:

  • Sensor Fusion Group (RTK/PPP-INS algorithms with GNSS (incl. HAS+OSNMA)/IMU/Odometry/UWB data)
  • Computer Vision Group (object recognition and SLAM with LiDAR, camera, radar)
  • Embedded hardware group (hardware and firmware development of high-precision positioning systems)

The company headquarters of ANavS is located in Munich. Another spin-off office is located in Wattens near Innsbruck, Tyrol in Austria.

The core of the ANavS positioning systems is a modular and flexibly configurable sensor fusion of GNSS, inertial, odometry, UWB, camera and lidar measurements (SLAM). The innovative positioning algorithms have been developed and patented by ANavS and incorporate the latest RTK/PPP technologies, including support for the Galileo HAS service and OSMNA, as well as in-house developed and trained AI methods.

ANavS products have a wide range of range of applications in the automotive, robotics, automation, shipping, railway, aerospace, agriculture and mining. ANavS is also a partner in various research and development development projects, partly as consortium leader, but also as a project partner. The projects range from the development of ground truth environment detection with GNSS, IMU, odometry, radar, camera and LiDAR, radar, camera and LiDAR through to the development of a mobile tracking system for track maintenance machines and integration into the existing IT system landscape of the project partner.

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