03.06.2019: ANavS® at EcoSysHAF in Lindau

ANavS® had a booth and a pitch presentation at the EcoSysHAF in Lindau on 3.06.2019. The presentation of the newest generation of the ANavS® Multi-Sensor, Multi-GNSS and Multi-frequency RTK module attracted a large audience. More details about the EcoSysHAF can be...

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Public Grant for ANavS® for Participation in OPA3L

ANavS® participates in the project "Optimal Assisted, highly Automated, Autonomous and Cooperative Vehicle Navigation and Localization (OPA3L)". Project partners are the University of Bremen, the University of Armed Forces in Munich and IAV GmbH. ANavS®...

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Snowsense stations in full operation in Newfoundland

ANavS® has visited its Snowsense stations for maintenance in Newfoundland, Canada, in early April, 2018. The Snowsense stations are determining the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) solely based on GPS measurements. Each station is equipped with a mast system...

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