HAS-PPP receiver using the brand-new Galileo High-Accuracy Service (HAS)


PPP receiver using brand-new
Galileo High-Accuracy Service (HAS)


The HAS-PPP receiver, developed by ANavS® together with spaceopal GmbH, is the first receiver providing precise position and velocity information based on the corrections for satellite positions, clock offsets, phase and code biases that are sent directly via satellite from the Galileo’s High Accuracy Service, HAS. The receiver was designed to implement the best performing PPP algorithm technology as reference for all users of the HAS service. It can be used in the automotive, robotics, maritime, railway and surveying applications without the need of further infrastructure or the reception of RTK/PPP corrections via terestrial link.

The HAS-PPP receiver includes a geodetic Multi-frequency, Multi-GNSS (GPS + Galileo) receiver with E6B tracking for receiving HAS-corrections, a industrial-grade MEMS IMU and the powerful ANavS® sensor fusion. The latter one performs a tight coupling of all sensor data with an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF).

The internal elements are protected by a rugged housing (IP-rating 64, salt-spray proofed) which provides multiple interfaces, including WiFi, USB-C PD (power delivery), Bluetooth 5 and Gigabit-Ethernet. The external interfaces of the HAS-PPP receiver are: one TNC connector for the GNSS antenna, two SMA connectors for the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dual-band antennas, one RJ45 Ethernet connector and one USB-C connector. The HAS-PPP receiver also has several status LEDs and an internal memory for data-recording of 1TB. On top, the device can delivere a precise positioning without external power supply, only with it’s internal batteries (up to 4h).

An intuitive Human Machine Interface is provided for remote control and configuration, data logging and receiver status monitoring

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Positioning Accuracy

  • Precise absolute PPP positioning:
    horizontal accuracy:
    sigma = 15 cm
    vertical accuracy:
    sigma = 20 cm
  • PPP Initialization:
    Initialization Time: < 4 min


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Multi-GNSS, Multi Frequency PPP Technology

Satellite Tracking:

  • GPS L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5
  • Galileo E1, E5 AltBOC, E5a, E5b, E6
  • E6B tracked with no E6C aid

Numerous interfaces

  • Gigabit-Ethernet wiht PoE
  • Gigabit-WiFi
  • USB-C with Power-Delivery (PD)
  • Bluetooth 5

Why should I use the ANavS® HAS-PPP receiver?

  • The HAS-PPP receiver is the first receiver using the new Galileo High-Accuracy service for precise positioning.
  • The HAS-PPP receiver includes the reference algorithm for the new Galileo High-Accuracy service. It is the benchmark for all second-mover receiver manufacturers.
  • The HAS-PPP receiver is the perfect device for testing and validation of the new Galileo High-Accuracy service. It provides realtime solution with up to 100 Hz and records all data in common formats like RINEX or RTCM for postprocessing.