The accurate recording of construction and maintenance work carried out on the track is an important prerequisite for the introduction of predictive maintenance management at the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).  

In the past, this work was reported on paper. This manual method is inefficient, error-prone and also represents a media disruption. Furthermore, the data cannot be processed automatically in this form.  

 As part of the “X-in-a-Box” project, ANavS GmbH was commissioned together with the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group to develop a mobile positioning system (mPOM) for track maintenance machines and to integrate it into the existing SBB IT system landscape.   

With the introduction of this mobile tracking system, including the recognition of work assignments for track maintenance machines, their work performance is automatically recognised, located and made available for further processing.  

 By eliminating manual recording, media disruptions and potential sources of error are reduced.  

In addition, the quality of the suppliers’ workmanship can be better assessed on the basis of the consistently and digitally recorded work performance.   

Our multi-sensor RTK module, which already contains a fusion of GNSS, IMU and odometry data and thus enables a position accuracy of 1 cm under favourable GNSS conditions and better than 1 m in certain sections without GNSS reception, is to be used as the starting point for the development. 

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