A Swedish-Norwegian-German consortium has been granted a research and innovation project in order to improve safety and efficiency of shipping further.
The 26-month H2020 Project financed by GSA (European GNSS Agency) will start around 2019-12-01.
The objective of the project ‘PrePaRe Ships’ is the development and demonstration of a high availability positioning solution for connected smart navigation applications.
The project, lead by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, consists of the entire value chain with Telko (NO), SAAB (SE) and ANavS® (DE) on the supplier side, the Lantmäteriet, (Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority) and supported by Stena Line (SE).
The project aims to provide a dynamic prediction of near-time vessel movements in order to increase navigational safety and reduce the environmental impact. For the prediction the system will make use of machine learning and EGNSS accurate positioning services.


Pål Hansen, Vice President R&D, TELKO:” PREPARE SHIPS will combine technologies supporting officers on manned ships as well as shore-based operators controlling unmanned ships and can compensate for the shortage of experienced marines. The developed product will also be applicable to other applications requiring high accuracy, highly robust position, also enabling yet unidentified markets”.

Dr. Patrick Henkel, Managing Director of ANavS®: ”Through a successful project we will increase our market uptake of precise positioning solutions, including our Multi-Sensor RTK/ PPP module, and find new applications and markets supported by the development in the project”.

Peter Bergljung Technical Director Saab AB, TransponderTech: ”Using our experienced competencies, Saab will bring value to the project by taking lead in development of the VDES high-speed channels (VDES-VDE ship-ship and ship-shore)”

Anders Sandin, Head of Geodata division at Lantmäteriet “By working closely with our partners in this project, we strive to lead the way in providing a reliable high accuracy positioning service based on GNSS. Our aim is not only to meet safety requirements for smart maritime applications, the goal is also to understand how to adapt our geodetic infrastructure to new GNSS mass market applications and how to use enhanced European GNSS services by testing real use cases and scenarios through this project”.

Director Research and Innovation John Rune Nielsen, RISE: ”We are happy to bring together the maritime value chain in this innovative project making use of advanced machine learning”.

For further information please contact Johannes Hüffmeier, Project Manager RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. www.prepare-ships.eu