Providing Internet for MSRTK Module with your Smartphone

The following steps show a way to share the internet of your Smartphone to the MSRTK module. Please keep in mind that your smartphone-contract meets the data-amount of receiving RTCM correction data. For one hour the overall received data is roughly 20 MByte.

Step 1: Toggle the WiFi-Modus of your MSRTK-Module from AP-Mode to normal Mode, whereby MSRTK module is connecting to the listet (known) SSID-Networks. Please make sure that your desired WiFi-network is listed in the Existing/Configured WLAN-Connections-Box. If not, please add your WiFi (SSID and Password). Figure 1 shows the corresponding step in the Wizard. Please restart your MSRTK Module and keep it in the near of your Smartphone.

Figure 1: Changing WLAN-Mode to connect with your Smartphone


Step 2: Create a hotspot using your Smartphone with your added SSID and Password

Step 3: Connect your Laptop/PC with this new WiFi-Hotspot established of your Smartphone.

Step 4: Find out the IP-address of your Laptop/PC with command-line and the instruction ifconfig (Linux-OS) or ipconfig (Windows-OS) . Please take care, you need the IP-address of your WLAN-Modul, not of your Ethernet-connection or something else.

Step 5: Scan the network for the IP address of the MSRTK Module with a proper scanning tool (e.g. nmap). A description of the nmap-tool is given in the article Using the IP scanning-tool NMAP. The listed IP-address, which is not your Smartphone (IP: X.X.X.1) or your Laptop/PC should be your MSRTK Module. Normally the hostname MSRTK5 is resolved to find it faster.

Step 6: Change the IP-address in your Wizard (Settings-Button in the left bottom corner).

Step 7: Start the ANavS® Wizard software and continue with the settings for your MSRTK Module. The MSRTK Module is now able to receive correction data over the internet-conneciton of your Smartphone.